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Paul Kalkbrenner

Producer and Live Performer


Leaps Sunrise Party

Summit has partnered with Leaps by Bayer to bring Miss Melera, Umami, and Paul Kalkbrenner to the Sunrise Party at Cooper Design Penthouse. Leaps is a global movement that aims to make breakthrough innovations that could positively transform healthcare and agriculture as we know it. Along with bringing globally renowned talent from Berlin to the Sunrise Party, you'll find their staircase installation in the Summit campus - an impressive space that tells the inspiring story of people willing to take a leap.

Paul Kalkbrenner (DJ) @ Leaps Sunrise Party

Paul Kalkbrenner is a unique international talent. With seven studio albums and more than 2.3 million Facebook fans, he is one of techno's biggest superstars, and synonymous with the city of Berlin. In a time where the big drops of EDM and cake-throwing DJs seem to reign supreme, Paul stands apart. Predominantly performing live, his demanding compositions are full of energy, and steeped in the history and tradition of techno music; they take listeners away from the everyday, from the weekly grind, into rapture—into art, ecstasy, absurdity, friendship, hope and love.