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Justin Caruso

Founder, Modern Thai School
Senior AcroYoga Teacher


AcroYoga class

Put your phones down and pick your friends up. Partner acrobatic fitness training is fun, progressive, and helps you do things you never thought possible. You will increase your strength, flexibility, and network in a playful dynamic environment. No experience or partner needed.

AcroYoga class: Dance, creativity and movement

Movement is life. There are so many ways we can use the body to source creativity. Solo and group dance will lay the foundation for many different partner movement playgrounds. When the mind takes the back seat the body can inspire true expression. No experience or partner needed.

AcroYoga class: teambuilding and communication

To feel teamwork there has to be the right challenge met with the right tools. When we have clear direction and support a flow develops, transforming a simple group of people into a collective that can handle many problems. Partner acrobatics, trust falls, and other embodied arts bring a level of synergy only achievable when the body, mind, and spirit are all in. No experience or partner needed.

AcroYoga class: touch, connection, and healing

We are born and die alone, but most of our waking days are filled with a longing to feel connection and love. This session offers principles of touch that will allow your heart’s intention to be communicated through your touch. When we feel safe in receiving and abundant enough to give freely, a beautiful space where humans exchange love is realized. No experience or partner needed.

AcroYoga: listening, softening and letting go

Being held is vital to emotional and physical health. Trust is built by deep listening and allowing someone to offer their full presence. By moving slowly and holding space we can co-create a healing space where people soften and open. We will use Thai massage and partner yoga to soothe you. No experience or partner needed.