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Jamie Gutfreund

Global Chief Marketing Officer, Wunderman


Andre Agassi and Bobby Turner on Scaling Change

America faces profound societal challenges in areas including education, housing, and healthcare. While the government and philanthropy can treat these issues, they often fail to make a lasting difference. Increasingly, investors are coming to the realization that by harnessing market forces one can create sustainable solutions to social crises while turning a profit. Through their shared passion and frustration, tennis champion Andre Agassi and renowned real estate investor Bobby Turner created the Turner-Agassi Charter School Facilities Fund. In less than four years, it has developed 79 charter school facilities serving more than 41,000 students while generating strong risk-adjusted returns for investors. Agassi and Turner will speak with Jamie Gutfreund, Wunderman’s global chief marketing officer, about how their personal and professional journeys led to a bold solution to America’s daunting educational challenges.