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Ellen Gustafson

Author and Social Entrepreneur
Co-Director, Summit Institute


Do we need to decelerate innovation?

The speed of innovation is increasing in parallel to environmental pressures and population shifts. We are developing technology to solve some of society’s biggest challenges, but this may come at the cost of our ethical values. Science and technology visionaries Jaan Tallinn and Axel Bouchon discuss how society ought to strike the right balance between the competing forces of speedy innovation and moral diligence.

Now what? Turning conversation into action

Since its founding, the Summit community has gathered leaders who share a goal of leveraging their talent, resources, and action to create positive change. After this event’s stirring discussions about civic engagement, gender equality, houselessness, feminism and political polarization, it’s time for talk to become action. Come with ideas about how Summit and our non-profit Summit Institute can make a broader impact on our community and the world.