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Baratunde Thurston

Futurist Comedian, Writer, and Culture Critic


Governing in the Trump age: race, guns, and the urban-rural divide

The economic and cultural gaps between the urban and rural areas of Colorado and Washington are some of the starkest in America. Writer-comedian Baratunde Thurston sits down with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and Washington Governor Jay Inslee to discuss the challenges of representing such diverse populations. They’ll also talk race, guns, and what it’s like to govern in the age of President Trump.

The next stop for autonomous cars with Padmasree Warrior

Padmasree Warrior spent 30 years as a technology executive at Motorola and Cisco. Now she’s the CEO of NIO U.S., an electric and autonomous car company that’s at the bleeding edge of the next major technological disruption. How will self-driving cars affect our commutes, our jobs, and our communities? Futurist-comedian and Emmy-nominated TV host Baratunde Thurston sits down with Warrior to understand how we’re accelerating towards the future.