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Andrew McAfee

Co-Founder and Co-Director,
MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy


Do we need to decelerate innovation?

The speed of innovation is increasing in parallel to environmental pressures and population shifts. We are developing technology to solve some of society’s biggest challenges, but this may come at the cost of our ethical values. Science and technology visionaries Jaan Tallinn and Axel Bouchon discuss how society ought to strike the right balance between the competing forces of speedy innovation and moral diligence.

Will the future take all our jobs?

Technology is revolutionizing where, when, how and even if we work. Profound uncertainty about future job and industry losses, the ethics of automatization and how to adapt to a new world order are topics driving conversations across boardrooms, dining rooms and political rallies. GE Vice Chair Beth Comstock and MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy Co-Director Andrew McAfee will parse the threats to and opportunities of our future work economy.